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. An ice core is a core sample that is typically removed from an ice sheet, most commonly from the polar ice caps of Antarctica, Greenland or from high. Posted by Don Keyes on September 03, 1998 at 22:58:20: Do you know if ice core dating is accurate. I heard that Antarctica had ice rings like tree rings that go back. . A discussion of the methods for determining the ages of ancient ice cores. Ice cores found in Antarctica contain over 160,000 annual layers, presenting somewhat of a. The NOAA Paleoclimatology archive of ice core data from polar ice caps and low latitude mountain glaciers includes many climate indicators. Richard Alley. Ice cores provide excellent seasonal markers allowing very accurate dating. Seasonal markers such as stable isotope ratios of water vary depending on temperature and. Ice core dating using stable isotope data. Ice consists of water molecules made of atoms that come in versions with slightly different mass, so-called isotopes. Dec 19, 2005To pry climate clues out of the ice, scientists began to drill long cores out of the ice sheets in Greenland and Antarctica in the late 1960s.. Wallace Smith Broecker. Ice Cores Ice cores are one of the most effective, though not the only, methods of recreating long term records of temperature and atmospheric gases.
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